So we have our first product! And it’s so perfectly right. In fact it’s partly the reason we started this project in the first place (can you tell I’m excited?).

I’ve been looking for a weekend duffle bag made from sail material for some time. And while I’ve seen a few vastly over-priced and over elaborate versions out there, none had the simplicity and more importantly the price tag I was looking for.

So my search was extended beyond these shores and eventually I came up trumps with these beautifully made bags in Nova Scotia.

Hand-made using new quality professional racing sailcloth, no two bags are the same. Whether the sail numbers, the colour of the numbers or the nautical zig zag stitch, each bag has an individual touch.

What’s great about this find is that the bags come in three different sizes. And they don’t stop at duffle nags. We’ve also decided to stock messenger bags, bucket bags and shaving kit bags, all produced in exactly the same way.

Large sail cloth duffel bag

Large sail cloth duffel bag

While the duffel bag was what we were looking for, we love the bucket bag. Perfect for a trip to the beach.

Large sailcloth bucket bag

Large sailcloth bucket bag

And I think the messenger bag may become home to my laptop.

Sailcloth messenger bag

And if that wasn’t enough… we couldn’t resist the sailcloth shaving bag. A step too far? Surely not.

Sailcloth shaving bag