So where do we start? Well I’m sure there are better ways of approaching this, (writing business plans, setting up bank accounts, developing marketing plans and of course spreadsheets) but for us it’s got to start with finding the right products.

The first few products we sell will be those that define us. They will be what separate us from the crowd. It’s suddenly a surprisingly daunting task.

We’re determined that Dover & Wight isn’t about nautical clichés; no brass portholes, weather beaten anchors and wooden fish on sticks. It’s about achieving a balance of classic designs we remember from our childhood with modern pieces that really excite us.

So this blog will be dedicated to our hunt for the wonderful pieces that inspire us. We’ll avoid boring you with the complexities of ecommerce backends and the intricacies of minimum orders. We’ll keep it focussed on the important stuff. Pieces inspired by the coast.